Fix the Potable Water Crisis on Indigenous Reserves

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Clean, safe drinking water is a certainty for most Canadians, but many Indigenous reserves have unsafe drinking water. In Canada, boil, or buy water to access safe drinking water. Other people's lives are regulated by the government, people living on Indigenous reserves are responsible for this. Although the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act exists, it is not being implemented effectively by the government. Currently, the issue is the Indigenous people's responsibility to fix, but these people do not necessarily have the right to know it. The United Nations recognizes the right to a human right, and Canada's government is not providing this for all its citizens . It is the Government ' s duty to provide access to safe drinking water for all Canadians. The drinking water crisis contributes to high addiction and suicide rates among Indigenous people because of the hopelessness it creates. Other Canadians do not face the challenge of having a safe drinking water and Indigenous people should not.

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