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 FEB 6, 2018 —

Ok Here is an update:
There have been several NEW reports from Adriana regarding the man that molested her When she just 5 years old and even younger. She has giving very detailed information in her NEW disclosures that needs attention by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Dept. The information being disclosed is horrific. The Man in question has already had 2 questionable polygraphs regarding our Granddaughters case and yet noyone in Oregon State will even respond. All the professionals who made the reports to CPS as well as the reports my husband and I filed with Oregon CPS has never gone anywhere in their system. The DA in Clackamas County closed Adriana's case against the guy when the shipped her out of the country only to be Abducted, Beaten, Starved and Ransomed to her family back in the States.
We have fought hard for Adriana's rights as a US citizen and a victim of Molestation she DESERVES JUSTICE for what this man has done to her while under her mother's care.

It is hard to believe that Oregon State would disregard our Granddaughter's right to Justice because we had to save her life and it made them look bad? Is Oregon State CPS really going to just sacrifice Adriana because they were reckless with her life? Are the going to deny JUSTICE for Adriana because of a front page News Article in the Oregonian dated March 2016 that explains in detail  just how much Oregon CPS let this little girl down and just how much their reckless decision to send her away from her brother and sister to a foreign country devastated this child?  Only to be Traumatized all over again.
We can't seem to get Oregon State to cooperate with anything regarding Adriana.

Let CPS be afraid.... We are not going to go away.

Oregon State will hear Adriana. We have been terrified of this State since 2015. Please help us stand up to the powers that be and say NO! you can't ignore this little girl. #Adriana Matter's and so does all the other children affected by Reckless and life changing decisions made by an Agency who truly does not have their best interests at heart.

Let's never forget about ADRIANA RAMAROS GRIMM. She was just 8 years old when Oregon State DSHS and CPS sent her out of the country, to the same area they sent our Adriana to. Oregon State ignored pleas for this little girl's life and Oregon State let this little girl get beat to death. She didn't have someone to save her.
She to is a victim of Oregon States Negligence.

Roni and Ken Norton


We were just told by the Detective that we have to show we have custody of Adriana and needs our consent for them to INVESTIGATE????

CPS in Washington State said they have never heard of such a thing!