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More Than a Trainer, She's Part of the SHS Athletics Family. We want Jen.

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Jen the athletic trainer at Stoughton High School is being laid off due to "budget cuts" saying it will save $30,000. However they are giving staff raises, Rizzi is getting a raise herself, and they are getting a public relations person for $50,000. Are we really saving money? Or just cutting what they find unimportant? Every day after school if you walk by Jen's room you will see it packed with students with injuries or needing to ice, get heat, or be stretched out. What will these kids do when Jen is no longer there? What about the kids who get injured in a game, a match, a meet? Will we need to wait for an ambulance even for the minor injuries? No. We need an on sight athletic trainer. On a personal note, I have been seeing Jen almost every day since freshman year with issues with my legs. Most recently, I started feeling a lot of pain in my lower leg, and I had people telling me that I was fine and could just keep running. So I did and I was in so much pain. I then told Jen about it and she believed it to be a stress fracture and put me in a boot. Even then I had people telling me it probably wasn't a stress fracture and I was fine. Then I made a trip to the orthopedics and got xrays done and as Jen had said, it was a stress fracture. If I had not had Jen there to diagnose me I probably would have kept running due to being told I was fine. And I would have gotten worse. Jen takes each athlete and not only helps with their injury but she does it with love. She loved the kids of SHS and we love her just as much. And they think it's okay to take her away?! Are we not worth it? Is our physical health in sports not worth that money? We NEED Jen. So we must come together as an athletic department and fight for what we want and need. Jen is family. And family sticks together. 

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