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Abolish service charges in restaurants

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For years many restaurants have been adding a `service charge' to their bills, often of 10% to 15%. There is no justification for this. It's not like we can choose a meal without service - maybe going into the kitchen and helping ourselves!

The price of a meal must include serving it.

No other industry providing a service expects us to pay extra just for getting what we ordered. If someone comes to fix my washer he doesn't charge extra just for turning up. If I buy a house my solicitor doesn't stick 10% on the bill just for being there.

Service charges also make for an awkward end to what should be an enjoyable experience. Should we tip the waiter as well? And if we do should we then ask the restaurant to remove the service charge?

We really don't need the hassle.

So it's time to make restaurant pricing transparent and abolish service charges once and for all.

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