make my mom let me repaint my walls

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when i was around 7 i was told i had the choice to repaint my room. of course i did it. in 2015 we painted over my purple walls and made my room a very bright teal color and my ceiling a coral. the color theme of the room is teal, coral, and gold. back then i thought it was gonna be super wonderful. looking back on it i highly regret my decision. the bright teal has become extremely aggravating. it make my room feel childish and i hate it. for my birthday, my mom said she would cover the holes in my walls and get me a new bed frame and a new desk. i just want a new room color to make me feel more content in my safe space. my room feels chaotic with so much color going everywhere. i should feel happy and content with the way my room looks, but in every single aspect i don’t. i didn’t ask to have it professionally done. i said myself that i would do it all by myself. it’s only around $70 to repaint a small bedroom yourself. it’s not like i’m forcing my parents to tear down my walls to make my room bigger and then buying all designer furniture and burning all my old stuff in a fire on my front lawn. my parents aren’t doing anything for my room anymore bc i pressed on for too long but i feel like i should be in control of what my room looks like bc that’s where i spend the most time and i have to live there for another 5 years. so please sign this and maybe it will convince my parents to let me paint it�