Build a FREE waterpark

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Because Rockhampton has debilitating heat, ample water but crocodiles and a huge family base, and Rockhampton is a  gateway north, south, west and east so travel costs and fuel are high ... families of industry must live here... in this heat awaiting loved ones. Now a lot of us want out. Once a major service centre with a massive water abundance and a huge number of schools and therefore family ties... living conditions ARE directly responsible for a happy healthy community. A FREE water feature park due to the heat experienced here should not be underestimated as a major drawcard for families remaining in the area. Examples like 17 rocks in Brisbane and Southbank are just two that generate a nice view and energy for that city. It is time for Rockhamptons City Council to lure the community out of air conditioned boxes and keep them here! If only for a day of feel good leisure in water that does not break a families budget... but instead increases the feel good attitude about living in this Hot city with water we can't swim in!? I wish to petition The city Council on behalf of visitors, surrounding local communities and families of Rockhampton to build a FREE water recreation play area before this heat sends more families indoors or packing.