Sign Off Unlicensed Vets In China with illegal practices

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Hello, My name is Margaret and i am hoping to send ONE MILLION Signatures to the Chinese Government to have Chinese vets who are illegally practising surgical procedures on Dogs and Cats in China to get struck off and face the courts and imprisonment for what they have done! 
In the middle of the town in a Non-Sterile environment with the same tools used for to treat ALL dogs, dogs go through unhealthy and non-sterile procedures,  although dogs are put under anaesthetic , the procedures are ILLEGAL and are not recognised by the CVO (Chinese Veterinary Organisation)  and also their practice is in Secrecy, yet they do these procedures on the streets, also if the police are seen they halt the process resulting in dogs being left with half the procedure carried out until they get back to the SECRET practice! Procedures like Spading for Male Cats, and Overian hysterectomies for females, Neutering for Dogs, Cutting Vocal Cords to disable obsessive barking, and tail cutting (Tail cutting is done while the dog is in their senses - No Anaesthesia Is Used! - are carried out on the streets or in the SECRET practice and also are in Unhygienic conditions.
THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! Please sign this petition and show you care for the way these Dogs and Cats are treated!