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Stop force adoptions

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I am tring to share awareness of forced adoptions sweeping the country and to prevent other's suffering this fatal inhumane suffering, where parents are not allowed to speak out in courts and the family's are forced to stop giving evidence of the true story, social workers are lying and betraying the children and their parents making sure they never return home, children are taken away from home and placed in care home's were they are abused and sexually abused by the system and the long term affects of being in care leads to the children growing up to become abusers of other's like; becoming pedophiles, drug users, alcoholics and go into prostitution. This can develop into PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) and emotionally and mentally disturbed. If you think these symptoms and addictions are bad enough, there is always consequences because they are put into prison or mental institutions. No amount of counselling can undo the damage that they suffered from being removed from there families. Not only has their heart and skin been torn apart, but the rest of their life. STOP THE SOCIAL WORKERS TAKING YOUR CHILDREN! NOBODY IS SAFE! YOU COULD BE NEXT OR IT COULD BE OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED! So please sign this petition and keep our children, our families safe! 


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