Save Our Trail No Bus Rapid Transit on the Vento Trail.

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Margaret Behrens
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Ramsey County is planning to build a Bus Rapid Transit Route on the Bruce Vento Trail through north Maplewood with several Park and Rides and bus Stations along the way. One such bus station is one of the only 3 fire stations that our large city has left. That will leave us under protected with only 2 fire stations in our large and growing city.

The Vento trail is the only bike, walking, hiking recreational trail that north Maplewood has connecting our neighborhoods and our community.

The buses will run 7 days a week early morning to late into the evening with buses leaving every 10 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours. 

This will destroy the last green way in north Maplewood and will forever change our city and the environmental assets that we have to offer and to enjoy.  The increased traffic and congestion on a natural recreational trail will present safety and environmental hazards to residents of the area. 

Help slow the process and find the RIGHT location for the Bus Rapid Transit and preserve the charm and character of our city and preserve the environmental and “green assets” for generations to come. We must protect it. We cannot leave the responsibility up to someone else. Please follow “Save Our Trail” on Facebook.