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Closure of private airstrip near populated area

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The township of Koah is nestled in the Cairns Hinterlands, where the Majestic Barron River meets the pristine Clohesy River. It is a quiet area with many locals growing their own food, and and living a peaceful lifestyle. 

It is the kind of place that people spend their whole lives here with no need to wander too far from their parcel of land that is their sanctuary. I, myself have lived here for over 30 years, since I was 8, and in some circles I am still not considered local.
7 years ago, Mr Pat English bought the property at 343 Fantin Road, Koah; which is adjacent to the most densely populated area of Koah and built an airstrip on it. The council decided to approve the airstrip but with strict restrictions on it so that the residents have minimal disturbances from it.

The main points being

o  No more than 52 flights per year

o  Aircraft restricted to a Cessna 172 or equal to or lesser than impact

o  Adhere to a strict take off path that does not leave a rural zone until an elevation of 1500ft is reached

I have only recently come across the original Decision Notice Approval stating the above conditions as he is applying lift those conditions to be able to have 365 flights a year, allow 12 of his mates to use the strip, and have up to 12 movements a day (take-offs/landings)! This will absolutely destroy the tranquillity and privacy for hundreds of people in the area.
I am starting this petition in the hope that the council will shut down the airstrip, if not for the betterment of the community, then for the serious breaching of the above conditions.

Pat is consistently flying a full sized replica Spitfire with a 350hp Lycoming engine in it with no mufflers, which is leaps and bounds above the impact of a small Cessna 172 (He is trying to overcome that with his new application by wording it ‘or similar to a Cessna 172’, which of course is extremely open to interpretation).

The take-off path approved by the council is physically impossible; the maths just doesn’t work out. He is flying low over people’s houses, invading their privacy and sending stock through fences.

Please sign this petition and show the council that 1 man’s hobby shouldn’t negatively impact so many people. Particularly, when there are two purpose built aerodromes within a half hour’s drive.



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