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We the undersigned Citizens of the United States fully support and endorse the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Act to re-establish this program. 


We urge you, as the current sponsor, to use this petition to create bi-partisan support in both House and Senate. 


 The 21st Century CCC Act will annually give job opportunity to more than 300,000 Americans a year.  Out of this number, 10% would be composed of Veterans that would work under less supervision.



The original CCC, under the Roosevelt Administration was law from 1933 to 1942.  The CCC was the first US Government agency that had an anti-discrimination hiring clause as policy and it was the largest civilian mobilization in US History.   The CCC planted over 4 billion trees and built millions of various strong structures, many out of timber, stone and cement, that still stand up strong today.  Despite enrollees being male, woman did serve as staff, nurses and teachers.  The CCC enrollees 30 dollars a month, but only kept 5 dollars in cash.  Twenty-five dollars was sent home in a required allotment for their families. These monthly allotments saved up to 25 million more Americans from foreclosure and starvation in the Great Depression. The 4 million enrollees and supervisory staff that served became the backbone of US military after December 8, 1941, and they became NCO's and officers and worked in the defense industry.  Over 55% of them gained skills in crafts they learned while in the CCC and retained them through to retirement.  They were integral in building America into a Superpower.  Many unsung hero's of the CCC have passed.  The CCC Act will preserve this noble cause and build more generations of men and women to follow their glorious path as stewards of the earth.  


The CCC has already demonstrated that no conflict exists between the preservation of the environment and the creation of jobs.   As an all public sector National Service, the CCC will be cost effective,  include women in the ranks, and put America to work on jobs that need to be done, saving our environment, and building national assets for future generations. 


Lastly, the CCC will give back America’s integrity and global leadership in the conservation of our natural resources. 


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