Fire Joseph DeMarco from the NJ Department of Corrections

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Joseph DeMarco, a corrections officer at the Bayside Correctional Facility in Maurice River, NJ was caught on video with a group of men mocking and taunting peaceful protesters at a Black Lives Matter protest in Gloucester County NJ on Monday 6/8/2020.  His group of anti-protesters not only yelled racist comments at the protesters but went as far as to kneel down on another mans neck, imitating the murder of George Floyd while yelling "Don't comply and this is what happens".  As protesters were heard chanting the words "Black Lives Matter" a member of his group can be heard yelling back at protesters that Black Lives Matter "to no one".

The Video can be viewed here:

This is not the type of man that should be working at a correctional facility where he is supposed to be helping to rehabilitate people.  His brother was fired from Fed-Ex for standing in the same group yelling at the peaceful protestors and he needs to also be immediately let go.  Governor Phil Murphy condemned the incident, but did not call for his immediate removal.  DeMarco has been suspended as of now, but we want it heard that this type of a person should not be working in law enforcement.

Fed Ex put out a statement saying "FedEx holds its team members to a high standard of personal conduct, and we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video" after firing DeMarco's brother for the same protest and the NJ Department of Corrections should be help to a much higher standard than Fed Ex.

Let the Governor of NJ and the Commissioner of the NJ Department of Corrections know that we will not stand for this and DeMarco needs to be fired immediately.