Save Lancashire's Archaeology from Cuts

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Save Lancashire's Archaeology from Cuts

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Discovery of the important Lancaster Roman Tombstone is a direct result of the work of the Historic Environment Service in Lancaster.

Lancashire County Council have released a proposal to close the Historic Environment Service. This will have a devastating impact on the monitoring and protection of archaeology and heritage in Lancashire. The Historic Environment Service is the last line of defence for archaeology. Without the service there is no guarantee that the destruction of important archaeology and heritage will be prevented. Once destroyed this precious resource can never be replaced.

Lancashire County Council have completed an impact assessment or Equity Analysis on the closure of the service. This analysis is not sufficent and to our knowledge there has been no consultation about the impact of closing this service with stakeholders, archaeology and heritage groups or local people.

We want to make sure our archaeology and heritage is protected and that decisons affecting archaeology are made by professional archaeologists, not unqualified staff. We want to make sure that local people and interest groups are consulted before cuts are made. We want to stop the irreplaceable loss of archaeology and damage to historic sites before it happens.

Lancashire County Council please take the following actions:

1) Complete a full Equity Analysis of your archaeology service involving the views of local and national interest groups and local people on the closure

2) Maintain an active Historic Environment Record staffed by professional archaeologists

3) Use professional archaeological expertise to make decisions on construction projects that will affect the archaeology and historic buildings of Lancashire.


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This petition had 1,184 supporters