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No Islamic College for Penrith

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To establish an Islamic College within the Penrith community would create havoc, unrest, fear, community upheaval and dissemination of racial tensions in the following ways:

·         Tension within our community due to fear of terrorism and its breeding grounds eg: Punchbowl Boys High and the recent media coverage referencing such

·         Penrith is not an Islamic hub in regards to residency therefore has no need for an Islamic school, as there are ample educational opportunities existing already within our area.

·         The proposed site is of historical significance to Penrith and its community, and to allow a non-Christian entity to take over the site, would be offensive to locals

·         Penrith is predominantly a Christian based community in regards to religion and religious beliefs

·         I moved from Sydney South West due to the fear and harassment I endured from Muslims where I lived for being a Christian Anglo-Saxon female. I do not want to see that happen in the Penrith area.

·         There are sites and opportunities in other LGA’s other than Penrith which would serve the purpose far better eg: old Whalan High School site.

·         The Australian Islamic College in Mt Druitt can be expanded upon considering Mt Druitt has an Islamic population and a site already exists.

·         The traffic increase that would occur at the proposed site, further into Henry St and follow through to High St,  would make normal travel through Penrith morning and afternoons very chaotic which would create road rage and racial tension

·         There are already numerous Islamic Colleges facing claims of unappropriated funds expenditure. Why do we need more dishonesty within our humble community.

·         Penrith does not have appropriate support services to cater for the Islamic population.

The proposed site would be better suited to the following services:

·         Assist in the ever increasing need for accommodation for homeless people sleeping rough every night in Penrith, with latest figures showing about 100+ per night and this doesn’t include secondary homeless and couch surfers.

·         The proposed site is currently being used by homeless rough sleepers for the safety it offers them. All the more reason to make the site a permanent service addressing this major issue.

·         A Youth Centre in Penrith for older teens who are homeless with a need to seek services and basic meals, showers etc that could be rented by an NGO

·         Penrith needs a centre that could accommodate pregnant homeless females between ages 13-24 as there are only two services within the whole of Sydney metro area.

·         A permanent homeless service providing meals, showers, and support services but not actual accommodation

Penrith Council accepted a proposed mosque in the Kemps Creek area despite the opposition of its community. This proposal is right under our noses. Please dont let it happen.

As a community, we have a far greater need to address our local issues and support our residents and young people. Homelessness and domestic violence are becoming an epidemic within our realms, and we have the power and services to create change. The proposed site would be a perfect start.

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