Stop Animal Cruelty - Ban using unattended baited hooks for gator trapping!

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Alligator trappers are using large, unattended, baited hooks to capture nuisance gators. First, this is inhumane! When an alligator takes the bait it swallows the hook; then, as it pulls away the hook is lodged into the animal's gut. The animal is now tethered to shore by a long rope. Because the baited hook is unattended, the gator will death roll and continue to struggle through out the night trying to get free as the hook tears into its stomach and rips it apart from the inside. Gators feel pain too! Even though most nuisance alligators are put down, this is a barbaric method of capture. No animal should have to succumb to such torture.

Second, a baited hook hanging in the air at the water's edge is indiscriminate and any animal could get hooked, including birds, turtles, raccoons, cats, dogs, bears, and highly threatened crocodiles. An unattended hook dangling over the water can even be dangerous to un-expecting humans, especially children.

Finally, if a non-nuisance gator gets hooked this way and is re-released, it will die anyways due to the damage caused by the hook in the animal's gut. A death of this manner is a slow, painful, death. Unattended baited hooks to trap nuisance gators should be illegal! All Wildlife Matter! Live traps are more superior and kinder. Children learn by example...let's teach them to be safe yet kind to their wildlife.

Thank you for your time,

Cherie Chenot-Rose, Published Research Biologist & Founder of ACES ~ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary