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Save A Life & Stop Turkey Creek Stables' Children's Camp before it's too late!!!

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Dead children & numerous documented injuries!!!!

Because I've "checked in" years ago, I began receiving multiple update notifications and surveys from Turkey creek stables,  including one about a children's summer camp. The research I've done & the horror stories that I've read have only solidified my passion to attack this issue, having my own traumatizing experience at this "Horse Ranch". MANY OTHERS have attempted to receive some kind of feed back on suggestive measures taken to ensure public safety and have only been attacked by Ms. Peggy Jean's staff and their #KnockoffCowboy entourage who heartlessly refuse to take account for the treatment of these horses leading to an abundance of injuries. Some documented, some not- why? Because the law is written without room for employee error or in this case, underaged "volunteers"; negligence and or emotional state of these animals.
I chose to post an article about a 3 year old be trampled to death at Turkey Creek because it is the most serious, the oldest and the most relevant to my cause.
This "Summer Camp" that Turkey Creek is hosting, I have easily and (apparently) accurately labeled as #DeathCamp.

I was a parent who has ignorantly placed my child on one of these horses on multiple occasions, thinking that this was an establishment of TRAINED professionals. The LAST time I was there was followed by months of watching a family member (legally an adult but only 19) regain her basic skills, ability to function on her own, even speak, after being in a coma for weeks almost months, not including a year long recovery that has left life long damage. 
Why am I doing this now? Because I am EXTREMELY curious why Hillsborough County
allowing a summer camp to be hosted there??? I understand that adults make a choice to sign & ride but allowing them to be blissfully ignorant and enroll their child whether they've checked public record or not is setting families up to be dramatically effected.

There isn't court documents for every account of injury or accusation of wrong doing.

Imagine working with your child to regain basic motor skills, losing your job to tend to them, now being unemployed having to feed & care for your other children, dealing with cobra plans, co pays deductibles lack of resources due to job status changes........ would you have time to file court documents and work with a lawyer? Is that even your primary concern?
Turkey creek gloats as if they're teflon as the lack of law provides them the ability to disregard the effect of these "rescued horses" with preteen "troubled youth" staff members. (per the Summer Camp Counselor)

This isn't about legalities anyways, this is about safety.
Allowing a Summer camp at this facility could deeply risk small children's well being or even their life and I am personally contacting Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson, Bob Buckhorn and news sources to take notice, and force that they are unable to have minors at their facility- period. Volunteers, riders or paid staff.

Meanwhile I am attempting to spread the word and save parents the trouble of finding this information out the hard way. This petition will help me draw attention to the amount of people who support my decision and this cause.

I have multiple screen shots as well as debates in my inbox of past guests sharing their concerns with the Turkey Creek staff, only to be attacked and accused of mistreatment. Years of people telling them, with no response, any attempt to change their habits or even consider their mistakes.

An intern or a receptionist could handle this task in less than an hour. Just put the pieces together, I am hoping that this petition helps support the County of Hillsborough, Florida to address this establishment and remove their privilege to host underage riders! 

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