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My name is Ryan LoFurno and I'm a junior who is currently attending Stoneman Douglas HS. After the senseless massacre, it's 100% clear that change is necessary, and I'm proposing a common sense solution where, regardless of gun control, should be implemented in order to regain the confidence of parents when they send their children off to learn.


It is a sad day in the history of our country and school, I hope that as a community, family, and nation we can come together in mourning and remembrance first and foremost (regardless of political beliefs). I was there at the school, but unlike some of my friends I was spared of having to watch my classmates get slaughtered in front of me, and I don't think they'll be the same again, along with others who don't get to see their children or friends again. In order to prevent an atrocity like this from happening again, and to prevent moms, dads, kids, cousins, friends, and loved ones from having to experience the sadness of losing someone they know, we must make a change. 

This, however, does not mean that we need 'common sense' gun control laws nor do we need to ban 'assault weapons'. The cold truth is, gun control laws will only hurt our society in more ways than help it and won't ensure safety in our schools. Although I do believe many law makers skew public perception at a time when many are vulnerable in order to try and advance an agenda, I also believe that parents should have a sense of security when sending their children off to school everyday (my parents and many others lost this sense after the killing of 17 of my Stoneman Douglas family).

The answer I'm proposing to our representatives is to push is more armed security in our school. Yes, it is very sad that society has to resort to this in order to protect children and teens attending school, but it is 100% necessary. Even if gun control laws are implemented every school would still run a big risk of mass shootings considering how, according to the FBI, over 98% of mass shootings occur on gun-free zones and it's a certainty that more than 300 million guns could not be confiscated successfully or peacefully (mental health/background check reform is another solution that could prevent people like Cruz from accessing these weapons, but it doesn't mean armed security still isn't necessary).

Instead of putting up a sign that says 'Gun-free zone' in front of our school, we need one that tells any potential killer that if they try to harm any student, teacher, or administrator on campus they will be stopped by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


Where these guards would come from is up to the representatives, whether they be off-duty police, ex-military, etc. With all the money that our government puts to waste, this would be an investment that could save lives and put a sense of security in parents and school goers where they can confidently say: I am safe.

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