Proper Gun Control for our country

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On Febuary 14th, around 2:30 pm, I was sitting in my math class feeling bored out of my mind as we were going through homework. Then suddenly, our principal spoke up on the PA system saying we were going into a code yellow.
We had assumed it was just another drill because we had one about a month ago. But we were wrong. Although we weren’t allowed to go on our phones, a girl behind me went on hers and said something I would never forget.

“There’s a shooting in Douglas right now.”

The class went silent. There were so many thoughts going through my head. Yes, the class had gone back to normal, but it felt different, almost eerie. I thought, in that moment, a bunch of kids could be dying right now while I’m just sitting here safe and sound.

The thing is, kids did die while I was doing my math homework. They were 16 minutes away from my school.

17 lives were taken that day. Both students and teachers had died.
So how many more kids and teachers have to die in order for there to be proper gun control? Just the fact that a 19 year-old boy has the ability to actually own a gun is just impractical.

The next day, on February 15th, I was stuck in my U.S. history class in a code red terrified for what was going to come next. I looked around my room and observed everyone. All I saw was terror from each and everyone’s faces, including my teacher.

President Trump has done absolutely nothing about this situation except smile with a thumbs up next to a victim in a hospital, blame the students and faculty for not speaking up about mental children, and give prayers and condolences on Twitter.

All I’m asking for is fair gun control laws so kids in school feel safe. And not only has this been the 18th mass school shooting in America for 2018, but we are only in the month of February. Think of what can come in the future if we allow kids who are 18 years and older to own a gun.

Although what’s worse is that the government is making an excuse that taking away guns won’t do anything. They believe that it’s the person behind the gun who is the danger when the truth is, it’s the weapon made for death and only death, that got into their hands.

I know I am only an 8th grader who just goes to middle school, but I’m not just a child who doesn’t know anything about the government. I definitely know that the government can do something about these laws. If we work hard enough, we can cause change, and us kids do have a voice.

Unlike President Trump, I would like to see proper policy and action taken as soon as possible. I think there has been enough thoughts and prayers to last a lifetime.
This petition aims to help regulate proper gun control laws for the safety of schools.

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