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Nations Unite! Save Venezuela from the Illegal, Corrupt & Criminal Maduro Narco-Regime

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The unarmed citizens of Venezuela are being oppressed, imprisoned and murdered by the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelans cannot possess firearms and therefore cannot defend themselves from the armed regime that attacks and terrorizes them.

The Narco-Regime is willfully violating the constitution. 

Corruption, incompetence and mismanagement has led to a starving population without access to medical care and basic necessities.

Individuals commanding the narco-regime are stealing the assets of Venezuela.

Distribution channels for critical imports (food, medicine) are corrupt.  Humanitarian aid is refused by the Maduro regime.

The criminal regime is proven complicit with narco-trafficker cartels, terrorist organizations and terrorist countries including Hezbollah, Syria, Cuba, FARC and Iran.

There can be no negotiation with a criminal regime whose incompetence, mismanagement and disregard for human life has been proven.

We call for the following:

1)      A multi-national military coalition to depose the illegal, corrupt, and criminal Narco-Regime of Venezuela.

 2)     A multi-national peacekeeping force to accept and distribute humanitarian aid currently denied to the suffering people of Venezuela.

 3)     A multi-national coalition to administer and supervise free democratic elections in Venezuela.

Over 50 countries have condemned the illegal actions of the Maduro Narco-Regime.

We call on these countries to join together in action to save Venezuela and to provide safety, peace and stability to the region.

Thank you for your support in signing this petition.

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