Let’s change where our children catch the bus!!!

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September 5, 2017 my 17 year old daughter was hit by a car while walking to the bus stop. The man got a ticket for failure to maintain lane. My daughter is now labeled a tramitic Brain injury patient and she’s looking at a 50/50 percent chance of walking again. But the process is moving along very slowly and unknown of if it will happen. Our kids deserve a safe location to catch their bus at and not far from their home. Not all of us have help to drive our kids to school or to the bus stop. Drivers are too busy texting and making phone calls while driving. We can’t change people’s decisions, but we can make it safer for our children. Please sign my petition and help our future succeed. No one needs their life like ours, we’re fighting to live again. I blame myself for her accident and I’m standing up for her and others that have been hit and for those who walk to the bus. Don’t think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me! “ I would have never thought it would have happen to her. Let’s make a change for OUR kids. Let’s make it safer for the future kids that haven’t started school yet!!! Who’s with me?????!!!!!!!!!