Install METAL DETECTORs to screen schools and prevent weapons entrance.

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Dear Senator.

As a concerned parent I reach to you with an idea to help mitigate this horrendous acts of violence. I suggests the use of METAL DETECTORS to screen and prevent the entrance of weapons to schools, mitigating the possibility of shooting and helping our kids and teacher be safer. METAL DETECTORS are being used in other countries and at the airports with success. This should not replace other safety actions, but it is necesarry to effectively screen everybody entering the school. 

How many supporters will we need to move this forward? 

I have no relationship with Metal Detector companies. I am a simple parent that, as many others, cannot find a way to comfort my daughter, and I am trying to help change things for the better. 


I am willing to help in any possible way. 


Best regards

Francois Simonpietri

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