Help ease the burden of custody laws to grant grandparents full custody.

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We have been given the most precious gift of raising our granddaughter. Our daughter basically dumped her child on us (although we are more than happy and willing to raise our granddaughter) by our daughter who was only 17when she gave birth to her daughter. 5 weeks later she left without warning to several states away. Although we are raising her, we do not have full control. We have to make the mother come home to sign papers that only allows us to change daycares and medical appointments. Our daughter is on drugs, tried to go to rehab but 5min later after 19days in rehab she was smoking pot and snorting pain meds.  She has been Baker acted 3 times before age 16, arrested for drug possession she's into prostitution. But now she's decides she wants her daughter back even though when she comes to "visit" she barely gives notice to her daughter. 3 weeks after the birth, she dumped her child to complete strangers for a whole weekend till my wife the grandmother went and found her granddaughter with these strangers with the air filled with the smell of marijuana inside a hot garage while the infant cried. With these issues the mother (or lack of being a mother) should not be allowed to just come and get her daughter, who is now just 2 years old. We,  the grandparents should be granted full custody without any type of road blocks at least till we decide it would be safe for her to return to the mother. As it stands now, we have no rights and our daughter can just come and get her daughter without warning and we have no authority to stop it.  This needs to change to where we don't have to pay thousands of dollars to fight for this custody. If we are raising her for two years without any of the biological parents even coming to visit or any type of help, we should be able to be granted full custody by just filing paperwork and providing proof that what we dealt with is in fact true.  Its not fair that we can lose the gift that was dumped upon us without proof that lives have changed in order to raise the child. Florida laws need to change to give to us, the grandparents, the best choice for the future of our grandchildren in such cases without all the red tape and long process.