An annual assembly where students will be briefed on what to do in the event of a shooter

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Following the Stoneman Douglas shooting, I find it imperative that Primary and Secondary schools prepare their students in the event of an active shooter on campus. The horrendous act displayed at Stoneman Douglas is not a new one . It will continue to happen untill we take action and make a change. It is understood that many schools make it a priority to provide a safe campus for their students, and many security measures have been put into place. But one thing that has not been emphasized in many schools across the county is how students should handle the situation. We all practice Code Reds, Fire and Tornado drills, but I feel that it is extremely important that an assembly be dedicated to this specific circumstance. Students need to find comfort in the fact that they will know what to do in these extreme cases. A certain protocol must be implemented and exercised on a regular basis, especially one for evacuation. Stoneman Douglas is a school with a student population of almost 3,000 and there was utter chaos. If we take a school like Cypress Bay High School in Weston, that has a student population of over 4,500, it would be even more chaotic. By manifesting an elaborate system and protocol for students to follow in the case that this happens, many more lives could potentially be saved. This information is obviously worth nothing if it is not made accessible to the whole student body, therefore annual assemblies divided by grade level should be held and pronounced as MANDATORY.These assemblies should include workshops and informational sessions guided by officials in the county. There should also be a specialized section with all of the information from  these assemblies made available to students at all time (ex: the school website) . I petition that this  should be established in all schools throughout Broward County. Although many factors may have contributed to to this horrific and inhumane act of violence, this is the minimum we could do at a local level to save lives. It is time to take action and start changing the world in anyway we can :)