Bring Khadijahs Baba Home

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Dastgir and I got married back in April 2015. Dastgir left Canada just a few short months later and I applied for family sponsorship to bring him here. Now almost 6 years later Dastgir still hasn't been granted a visa and allowed back to Canada to be with his family.

Our battle started when we applied for an Outland Spousal Sponsorship back in November 2015. This was refused by Immigration because they felt our marriage was not genuine and was I'm fact a marriage of convenience; which it is not. We filed for an appeal and won our case in July 2018. It then took over two years for them to complete a background check on my husband. Mind you my husband has no criminal history anywhere in the world, past or present and cleared the criminality part of the check within a couple months. The security portion, which is a very secretive process took the bulk of the time and was finally completed around November 2019. We thought that finally everything would be completed but unfortunately we are still waiting. Now we are waiting for the ARC application to be completed. We received the request back in November 2019 and this process typically takes 2-3months but can take years. They will not and have no given us any timeline as to how long we have to wait; their only response is it could be a few more weeks or a few more years! And now due to Covid we don't know how much longer we will have to wait. 

Our daughter Khadijah Khan was born on January 11, 2016; Dastgir missed her birth; I had to go through my pregnancy, labour, and the first moments of being a new parent all on my own. We prayed and hoped that we would be together for these and other precious moments. This has been very hard for both of us as I need the support of my husband and Khadijah needs her father. Dastgir wants to be present for all these moments of our lives and not just in pictures and videos. We knew it would take some time because of the refusal and appeal but not this much time! 

Khadijah has been growing without her father and now she will even have to start school without him by her side. Her first day of class is approaching in the coming weeks and I will have to go back to work as a nurse. This is another challenge for us as my shifts start at 6am and her school 8:15am so I will have to manage all of this alone, along with everything else as both the mother and father. 

I've decided to reach out to media and to stage a protest in hopes that it will bring my husband here sooner and to urge the government to advocate for our family reunification! 

We have decided to do this on September 29th at The office of Peter Fragiskatos 231 Hyman Street. London. In my recent interaction with his office I was told that the 1200+ signatures on this petition don't mean anything, and that this is not a popularity contest! He needs to realize that we are not advocating for popularity but to bring our family together! 

Plese take a few hours out of your days for our family and come and support us! And to sign this petition to bring some change into our lives.

Our family has been suffering for far too long and this prolonged process is causing negative impacts on all of our lives.

Thank you so much!