Exempt biometrics for Canadian Permanent residence

Exempt biometrics for Canadian Permanent residence

September 1, 2020
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Started by Natin Bibra

We are demanding exemption or postponement of biometrics for canadian permanent residency which was not in force until July 31st 2018.

It is one of the requirements other than medical exam, security background, criminal background and background verification. Applicants receive a biometrics instruction letter after all other documents have been submitted. This letter is used to book an appointment at one of the biometrics collection points and is valid for 30 days.

On Tuesday, March 17, state of emergency was declared due to COVID-19, causing cancellation of these appointments until further notice and validity for these letters were extended upto 90 days. Now after the expiration of extension and exemption of biometrics in case of work, study and temporary resident permits, there is no decision in case of permanent residency applicantions. This is causing delays in the processing of permanent residency files as none of the processes starts(except medical exam) until biometrics is done.

Due to this, applicants are facing problems as their work visas are either expired or expiring soon leaving them to pay and apply for bridging work permits. Applicants with accompanying spouse profiles are not only suffering financially but are being harrassed mentally too as it is affecting their personal lives. Same requirement has already been exempted for work, study and temporary residency permits.

We need this exemption/postponement because it has nothing to do with anyone's background check but just to make future travel easier.

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Thank you.


This petition made change with 520 supporters!

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