Give MPs Six Months Parental Leave

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Stella Creasy MP is being forced to choose between being a mum, or being an MP due to outdated systems which do not recognise that MPs need parental leave too. In any other job this would be illegal.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) makes no provision for any paid cover for what MPs do outside the parliamentary chamber: the campaigning, constituency casework and municipal work. This is about 80% of the work MPs do. If IPSA will not release these funds then MPs are either forced to return to work very quickly after giving birth, or their constituents miss out on representation. This was the case for Tulip Siddiq MP who had to return to doing casework three days after a C-section.

Giving birth can be a traumatic experience for a woman's body and becoming a parent is a transformational and an exhausting adventure. Forcing female MPs to go back to work so quickly could have a negative impact on their mental and physical health and is a barbaric way to treat our female leaders. MPs need time to recover and time to bond with their new child. If we can't get this right within Parliament, how can we get this right for parents elsewhere?

I founded the movement Pregnant then Screwed to put an end to the discrimination pregnant women and new mums face in the workplace. I was being discriminated against myself - I was sacked by my employer when I was 4 months pregnant.

Together we are demanding that Marcial Boo, the Chief Executive of IPSA, create a budget for parental leave to ensure that MPs can take 6 months leave when they have a baby. This would bring MPs parental leave in line with their colleagues in the civil service.

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