According to New Mexico state law, Marching Band and JROTC, which have previously been accepted as PE credits respectively, now do not count as a PE credit. Many students, when applying for the classes, were told they were a PE credit (JROTC), or a PE half credit (Marching Band). Although the state has waived PE credits for 11th and 12th graders, 9th and 10th graders have to take PE in the next 1-3 years...of course after being told it was their credit or half credit. I encourage band members, JROTC Recruits and Parents to sign this petition and help overturn the rule. I myself, have been bullied before in PE, so this year I decided to make one of the best choices of my life: Join the V. Sue Cleveland High School Storm Regiment Marching Band as my 1/2 credit of PE. Thank you for your interest, and hopefully your signature!

Letter to
Governor Susana Martinez
Susana Martinez- please sign SB-122, the law that gives school districts control of PE credits and makes it LAW that the graduation requirements of high schoolers may not be changed once the student has entered 9th grade, into law! A lot of students need to take certain classes to follow their career path and have taken JROTC or Marching Band to guarantee those career related classes!

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