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I am tired of politicians who refuse to stop the carnage caused by guns. I have prepare a Sane Gun Policy Pledge for people running for public office that voters would sign saying that they will not vote for anyone who does not sign the pledge. Here it is:

Sane Gun policy Pledge

            As a United States citizen and registered voter, I avow that I will not vote for any candidate for public office at any level of government who does not agree in writing to be bound by the following terms of this Sane Gun Policy Pledge:

1.      To not accept any campaign contribution from the National Rifle Association or related organizations, or from any gun manufacturer that does not limit sales to the United States military or to governmental police agencies or departments; and to refund to the donor any such contributions I or my campaign have received within the year preceding my agreement to this pledge.

2.      To not accept coordinated assistance of any kind from any person employed by or financially dependent upon any organization identified in #1 above.

3.      If elected, I will not accept anything of value, including the reimbursement of expenses, from or on behalf of any organization identified in #1 above.

4.      If elected, I will not meet with or confer with any representative of or lobbyist for any organization identified in #1 above unless that meeting or conference is recorded, and the unedited recording is made available to the public within 24 hours.

5.      If elected to a legislative position with a body having power over the regulation of firearms, I will sponsor and vote in favor of legislation:

(a)   To ban the sale of assault or assault-type weapons to private citizens (exempting sales to the military or to police agencies or departments), to make it a felony to possess such weapons (with a grace period for surrendering already owned weapons of this type), and with enhanced penalties for using such weapons in the commission of a crime.

(b)  To prohibit the ownership of possession of a firearm modified to make it automatic or semi-automatic, and to make it a felony to make any such modifications to an existing firearm.

(c)   To institute a system for background checks applicable to any sale of a firearm that will sanction any person or entity required to report information into the system.

(d)  To prohibit the ownership or possession of a firearm for anyone convicted of any felony or of any lesser crime in which the perpetrator injured or attempted to injure another person or an animal.

(e)   To prohibit the ownership or possession of a firearm by any person diagnosed with a mental illness unless a board-certified psychiatrist affirms in writing that such person does not pose a threat to him- or herself or to another person.

(f)    To establish a national database of persons deemed to family members or members of the public to pose a potential danger to commit violent acts, and to prohibit persons identified on such a database from owning or possessing a firearm unless and until such person is interviewed by a law enforcement agency and certified as not posing a threat to him- or herself or to others; providing also that it shall be a crime to identify such a person on the database for any improper purpose.

(g)  To establish a system to monitor the purchase of ammunition and to have law enforcement agencies review such purchases on a regular basis to identify purchases of questionable quantities and interview the purchasers to ascertain the purpose for buying some much ammunition.

(h)  To require all firearms to be manufactured with a means to identify authorized users and to prevent their firing by anyone else.

(i)    To require owners or possessors of firearms in residences or vehicles in which minors are present to secure such weapons so they cannot be accessed or fired by a minor, and to make the owner or possessor criminally and civilly liable in the event a minor obtains access to or fires an unsecured firearm; provided, however, that exceptions may be made for legal hunting or licensed facilities for firearm practice or training.

(j)    To support an amendment to the United States Constitution that reads as follows: “Notwithstanding any federal, state, or local law or ordinance to the contrary, or any other provision of this Constitution, any federal, state, and local legislative body may enact laws or ordinances that regulate the ownership, possession, and use of firearms within its jurisdiction, and no such body may adopt any law, regulation,  or ordinance that has the effect of negating any stricter law, regulation, or ordinance adopted by a subordinate legislative body.”




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I, _______________________, am a candidate for ______________________________, I agree to be bound by the foregoing Sane Gun Policy Pledge. I further agree that, should I violate this pledge, I will no longer be qualified to hold the office I am seeking or any future elected public office.



[Candidate’s name]

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