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Do not grant a revocable permit to encroach on McIlvoy Park.


McIlvoy Park is Arvada's oldest park, treasured by residents and visitors to Arvada alike.  In 1919, Clemency McIlvoy bequeathed the land to the city to forever be used as a park.  Using part of Arvada's first park to construct the entry walks for a five story apartment building is against the terms of the bequest, and threatens the ownership of the city's park - and the right to enjoy it that Clemency McIlvoy intended to benefit the citizens of Arvada. 

The beneficiary of this encroachment is the developer of a 5-story, incompatible apartment building, who plans to install 9 cement sidewalks, with landscaping, thereby making this portion of the Park unusable by citizens.  Not only is this the first park in Arvada, but it is also a small park.  The grassy areas have already been shrunk by many sidewalks and related landscaping.

 Such an encroachment violates the restriction in Clemency McIlvoy’s original deed. “It is agreed and understood that this land is transferred to the town of Arvada for the use of the public as a park and shall be known as The McIlvoy Park.”  This deed was recorded at 10:55 am on May 15, 1919, in the Jefferson County Recorder’s Office, Book 216, page 114, should any citizen wish to view this public record.








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