Boycott Amoeba Records SF Until Their Opposition To The Safe Sleeping Site Is Dropped

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Amoeba Records filed a temporary restraining order against the city of San Francisco's safe sleeping site, which is located in a parking lot adjacent to their store.

The safe sleeping site is designed to provide safe shelter for 50 of San Francisco's unhoused residents. The site is intended to promote social distancing among those who stay there, with six feet of spacing between tents. It will also have on-site water and basic hygiene and sanitation facilities, which people on the Haight's streets currently lack.

Joe Goldmark, managing partner at Amoeba Music, is steering an effort under the moniker "Concerned Citizens of the Haight" to oppose the site, including legal action against the city.

Those that sign this petition pledge to stop spending money at Amoeba Records until opposition to the safe sleeping site is dropped.

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