Justice for our children!

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Our children are our future.. if we allow people to abuse them and harm them society will suffer.

Under our current system cases involving children:

-can take years to resolve leaving children in limbo mode for too long. 

-lack the supports that a victim needs to recover, such as access to proven councilors, access to school assistance-tutor, home schooling etc. 

-lack a navigation system. Too many groups with duties (consider streamlining the process) 

- lack communication with the victim and their families (it should be Manditory for victims to be notified upon and pedophiles release. 

This whole system does not deter the criminals because the consequences are not heavy enough.

After an assult is reported families need organized support. One place to register and the supports that are necessary to keep the children functional. 

-Court cases should be completed within 1 year when children are involved.

- a mandatory 5 year sentence should be imposed on people who have assulted a child. Zero tolerance, no excuses! 

- all pedophiles are to be placed on sex registry for life. The location of known pedophiles need to be made public. Children have a right to safety. 

-no pedophile should get out on good behavior. They serve their full sentence.. 

- no animals should be owned by a pedophile

- repeat offender to receive a sentence not less that 10 years. 

The children need to be properly supported

Children need access to:

-karate (in an effort to help them regain their power.) 

-school support (assistance with home schooling if required) 

- counciling by a highly trained specialist who has a track record of making a difference in people's lives

Please help Samantha and I give our government a mandate to put an end to sexual crimes against children!

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