Stricter Laws, More Enforced Existing Laws Regarding E-Bikes

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E-bike riders are becoming an epidemic problem to themselves, legal motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians alike. Here's 10 critical reasons why: 

  • 1. They travel amongst traffic with motor vehicles a 100 times their weight and size capable of up to 5 times their speed. 
  • 2. They are not required to have a drivers licence therefore they do not by law have to know traffic laws. Due to this, many improper and dangerous decisions are being made by them daily putting themselves and drivers at risk of injury accident & even death . 
  • 3. MANY of them are dealing with pending DWI cases & were deemed by a court of law to not be allowed to drive in traffic with motor vehicles. They should NOT be allowed to ride e-bikes with none of the responsibilities of a driver but all the advantages of using roadways. They are paying with revoked privileges of using the roads as penalties for serious offences. 
  • 4. They take small children as passengers, often in small trailers behind them. This is alarming at best .. see point #1. 
  • 5. I have personally witnessed and heard many friends, acquaintances and family witnessing them driving while intoxicated, on their cell phones, wearing improper helmets like bicycle helmets and carrying large loads or trailers most people wouldn't carry in or on a car, let alone a 75lb bike. etc. 
  • 6. They have the same rights as & are classed as a pedestrian or cyclist, (pedestrians always have the right-away) which means drivers are ALWAYS at fault no matter what happens, but they travel in traffic WITH cars.....this is wrong in so many informal & unwritten ways and is the part of this issue that needs swift & diligent attention & action. Drivers have NO leg to stand on legally when e-bike riders make mistakes a licensed driver could make. 
  • 7. There's more road rage on the streets between e-bike riders and automobile drivers (drivers being the ones of whom the roads were made for and who the law is currently set for & affects) because I believe, drivers are sick of the shady gray line and lack of laws for these e-bikes that nobody can read and follow up on. 
  • 8. E-bike riders use the law for the roads to their advantage, AND the lack of laws, as well as pedestrian laws whichever suits them. THIS is not fair and causes anger.....rightfully so, among people who pay taxes to use roadways as licenced drivers who PAY for plates, stickers, licence renewals, insurance, and vehicles designed for driving on roads. 
  • 9. Motor vehicles should not have to share the road with these bikes. As this is most likely too much to ask, I feel at best there needs to be MUCH stricter laws regarding these e-bikes, the operators, what they can be fined for, insurance, liability and SOME kind of road testing, even just a written test to prove they know the laws of the roadways. They MUST start getting treated like drivers in every way by authorities if they are going to travel with motor vehicles. 
  • 10. Personally, I've seen  drunk people wobbling all over the place, open beer cases on the bike, a BABY in a small trailer behind it, hockey helmets, riders changing from going with the flow of traffic to sidewalks because they didn't want to wait for lights, someone having a seizure & falling off it and almost getting killed by a car, many road laws broken,  dogs being carried in one hand, THREE passengers, someone smoking a joint while riding, texting and trying to merge into highway traffic! 

    PLEASE make stricter laws and enforce them as well as the existing ones. Please make it mandatory for e-bike riders to have to write a test to prove they know the rules of the roadways, like anyone else using our roads has to. Please make it illegal for DWI cases to operate e-bikes amongst legally entitled traffic. PLEASE make it illegal for someone to carry an animal or small child on e-bikes in traffic. 

    It's clear e-bikes are growing in popularity. It's clear they aren't going anywhere except up in numbers. PLEASE make clear, black & white laws regarding e-bikes so everyone can travel safer. Please make it so when accidents DO happen drivers that are NOT at fault don't suffer because of lack of laws to protect the drivers.

    Drivers are the original users of motor-vehicle roadways & are legally & intellectually tested & prepared for it prior to having the privilege.

    Thank you for your time & diligence on this growing epidemic.