Make the Seatbelt Nanny mandatory on all school buses!

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The debate has gone on for years, should school buses in Canada be required to be equipped with seatbelts? After countless tragedies, we believe this answer is yes. As of January 2019 the Minister of Transport has announced task force on school bus seatbelts. 

We are all aware of how this will positively affect safety for our children - however, have you ever been driving with your child and they have unbuckled their seatbelt? You usually find yourself having to look back, pull over and rebuckle the belt. Let's put this on a larger scale now - how does the Canadian Government expect a bus driver to be able to monitor upwards of 70 children's seatbelts? That's where the Seatbelt Nanny comes in. The Seatbelt Nanny is a dashboard seatbelt indicator that will notify the driver which seatbelt has become unbuckled so he can safely pull over without having to look back and bring that child back to safety.

Let's act now and make these indicators mandatory in every school bus. For the safety of our children and our driver's alike.