Accessable Public Transit as a Standard for Canadian Living

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Everybody deserves safe transportation.

If you live in a large city in Canada, you've probably taken public transit at least once. For 12% people, it's the primary mode of transportation to work, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, and the community - but public transit isn't available everywhere. Many Canadian cities lack a reliable transit system, causing people to forego job opportunities, miss appointments, or hitchhike just to meet their needs.

It's 2018. There's no excuse. Research is showing that younger generations rely on public transit more than those before, and this isn't a new problem.

Public transit has a lot of benefits whether you use it or not:

  1. Benefits communities financially (jobs are created, home values go up, and economy improves.)
  2. Public transportation reduces air pollution (less cars)
  3. Increased fuel efficiency (less gas per person)
  4. Reduced traffic congestion
  5. Saves money (Taking public transportation instead of owning a second vehicle can save (on average) more than $9,823 a year, and for those who ride instead of driving the primary vehicle, can save individuals a significant amount of money each month in avoided gas, maintenance, parking, and other expenses.)
  6. Increases mobility (For those who don't, or can't, drive, public transportation allows them to get to work, to school, to the grocery store or doctor's office, or just to visit friends, without having to engage a friend or relative to do the driving) [Also, no hitchhiking!]
  7. Frees up time (if you aren't driving, you can be studying or bonding with your kids!)
  8. Taking public transit is safer (less crime and less accidents.... and did I mention less hitchhiking?)
  9. Encourages healthier habits (people who take public transit tend to get 3x the physical activity to their no transit or car driving counterparts.)

We deserve a transit system that allows every Canadian to meet their needs safely.