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Any unauthorized obstruction that hinders the use of a public highway, such as a fence, gate, or ditch, is illegal and constitutes a Nuisance. Anyone who causes or allows an obstruction to be placed on a public highway is liable and may be enjoined to compel its removal.

Letter to
Mayor San Mateo Rizal Rafael Diaz
Department of Interior and Local Government Republic of the Philippines Mar roxas
Complaint filed by private individuals, residents against a private firm(Progressive Development Corporation- Araneta ) whose security agency (Vican Security Agency)is blocking a public road and conducting illegal checkpoint on a (Barangay Road) called Pinagbarilan Road that is identified as public road in the cadastral survey 375-D, and whose location was actually surveyed and verified by CENRO Engineers resulting in a certification and letter of information issued by the Chief CENRO- Antipolo, communicated and received by the office of the Mayor San Mateo, in spite of the certification on the location and existence of the public road the Mayor called concerned parties to two irrelevant (unnecessary) mediation meetings that did not result to the removal of the illegal blockade of Progressive Development Corporation's security agency(Contrary to Public interest). It has been more than 160 days since this complaint was first received by the Office of the Mayor and his lack of action and resolve (bordering to negligence) to perform his duty to protect the public interests (in spite of certifications, actual results of investigations by other government agencies communicated to his office)may constitute a violation of certain provisions of RA 6770 and RA 3019. Please Provide help/advise on how we can get remedy and to finally remove the illegal blockade and checkpoint at Pinagbarilan Road which constitutes a nuisance and therefore injustice to the community. Dear Secretary Roxas please help open a public road being blocked by your mom's company

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