Get Smash Mouth to Headline Maplewoodstock

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Smash Mouth is a band founded in 1994 that has had one goal, to bring beautiful music to the masses.   They have had numerous classic hits that have graced our beautiful country such as All Star and I'm a Believer and now it's time to take those works of art and bring them to our little quaint town of Mapso during our annual Maplewoodstock festival.  We are a group of anonymous individuals that have come together to achieve one goal, bring this gift from the gods to our lovely town. 

Here are some reasons we believe they are a perfect fit:

Smash Mouth Supports Equality and we are a very supportive town (We even have a rainbow crosswalk)  

Smash Mouth is the pinnacle of a dad band and there is nothing someone from Mapso loves more than a dad band.  

We have a strong overall love and support for the band as a whole and would really appreciate it.