Solar powered speed display signs on Wellington St. S. (Drayton Heights Public School)

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Petition:  To have two solar paneled speed display signs on Wellington Street South in the 40Km school zone.


We are requesting that signs be permanently placed on Wellington Street South in Drayton in the school zone of Drayton Heights Public School.  One sign in each direction. Living in Drayton for over 10 years and have four children in the school I have seen year after year traffic (cars, tractors, big trucks, business vehicles) traveling way over 40 KM in the school zone.  In fact, at the beginning of one school year while OPP was doing their radar one car was pulled over for doing 90 KM.   Having OPP patrol every so often is not enough.  Drivers need a constant reminder to do 40 KM and having the signs permanently displaying what their speed is a good way to do that.


It goes without saying that obviously, it is illegal to do more than 40 km in a school zone but other reasons:

*Crossing guard has to cross students from Drayton Foodmart

*There is no median.  Our sidewalk is right beside the road. 

*Due to lack of parking parents use the church parking lot and have to walk across the road to school

*In the winter time the sidewalk becomes smaller and with snow/ice are harder to walk on and those with strollers, mobility equipment and even those just walking have used the road

*regular speeds signs are not enough

*OPP cannot do regular radar


Please sign below requesting County to make the road in front of our school safer.  This needs to be done before an accident happens.