Ford India : Replace the Bridgestone Ecopia tires free of cost as they are defective.

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I purchased the vehicle on 16th May 2019 , after 3 weeks of purchasing the vehicle I got to know that the top variant of the ecosports tire which is Bridgestone Ecopia has issues and more than 1000 cases have been reported just within an year of purchase of vehicle about tire burst , bulging and cuts . I reached out to Ford regarding the same on 4th June 2019 for replacement of the tires and they asked me to drive confidently and rejected my request. On 9th September 2019 after running just 3500 km , I found a cut in one of the tire and reached out to Ford for the same. Also , I did my analysis on the same and many people had shared emails that Ford will reply that this is not a manufacturing issue. If more than 1000 cases are there for the same tire and many people have sold vehicle due to the same how it is not a manufacturing defect. Ford service center people also talk about this defect unofficially still Ford India is not willing to accept it and they are letting their customer driving this risky vehicle in which tire can burst any time and many people have lost their lives as well driving this. I can produce Proofs of many such incidents if required. Also , the other point is their customer service is not transparent as well and sometimes due the same issue they replace all 5 tires but sometimes they don't . In my case , they have sent email that they won't replace the tires of just 4 months old vehicle.