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Over three decades ago, the body of an 11 year old girl was found molested and drowned, floating face down in a shallow pond near her home in Massapequa. Based largely on the accounts of two former girlfriends, a Los Angeles man stood trial in Mineola for her murder. Manuel Pacheco, 35, who had lived near Angela Marie Wong and was a childhood friend of her brother, was 15 when prosecutors said that he killed her after she resisted a sexual assault. Because of his age then he was tried in Nassau County Court as a juvenile and faced a maximum of 9 years to life in prison if convicted. He has maintained his innocence throughout.

There is another petition people have been signing with 995 signatures that was started by a Cindy Shultz that has kept Manny from getting paroled.  They called Manny a "child murderer" ,They have been denying Manny his chance at parole due to this petition.  Now that we finally received the DNA evidence that was suppressed during the trial that proves Manuel Pacheco did not kill Angela Wong.  Maybe the people who signed the other petition will see ours and realize they were wrong to keep this man in.  The DNA report also clearly identifies whose DNA was actually found on Angela Wong's body.  There is also evidence showing the coroner on record changed the time of death so as to ensure Manuel Pacheco could be found guilty.  I see that their petition is closed now, so maybe they have realized that they were wrong all along.  Manuel Pacheco is not a child murderer.  He should be allowed his parole.

Manuel Pacheco has served 17 years for a murder he did not commit and it's time to free this man who is currently being held at the New York State Prison called Great Meadow State Prison facility.  He also needs letters and cards of support to show the prison he's in that people care, and people know the abuse he's suffered.  So PLEASE share his address with all your friends and family and send him cards and letters showing him and the prison you care and that he has support.  Due to the nature of the case he was wrongfully convicted of, he's been through several beatings at the hands of correctional officers while handcuffed, as well as beat down by other inmates all while handcuffed by the cops so he could not fight back.  Your letters and cards are showing them that he has support and people have not forgotten about him and are starting to keep him safe from further harm.  Thank you.

Manuel Pacheco 04A1923

Great Meadow Correctional Facility

PO Box 51

Comstock, NY  12821-0051

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