SAY NO to L B of Sutton's current Controlled Parking Strategy

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Sandra Ackland
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Firstly, NO DONATIONS REQUIRED!  I do not get any of the money, this is something themselves ask for!  Just skip the stage if preferred!! The current plans for the Controlled Parking Strategy will affect all residents in the London Borough of Sutton.  Whilst it may assist in certain areas directly near train stations and hospitals the Council wish to implement a borough wide scheme which will mean we will ALL have to pay for permits.  Phase 1 has not gone well at all with potentially 1000's of residents not receiving their Stage 1 or Stage 2 consultation forms in the post.  Phase 1 Stage 1 had 43,000 questionnaires sent but only 5324 responses with just an 8% response saying that they felt parking was an issue in their area yet the majority of areas will have a full Controlled Parking Zone enforced while smaller areas will have a PPA scheme.  This petition has been started for the following reasons.

1. We do not feel residents have been consulted fairly due to the low response rate.  More residents need to have the opportunity to have their say.

2. The blanket ban on N1 company registered vans during CPZ restriction hours is a blatant discrimination of working class people and their families which the Council obviously feels do not deserve to live the Borough.

3. In parts of the borough the plans will reduce the amount of parking spaces due to reduction in parking bays and the ban on residents from parking in front of their dropped kerbs as the majority will be single/double yellow lined.  This will mean residents will have to pay for a permit, fight over limited spaces and then forced to park illegally as they have no other choice.  By implementing the scheme the Council will be raking in huge amounts of revenue from Penalty Charges.

4.  The emissions based permit charges mean the Council is discriminating against the poorer people in the Borough who cannot afford to buy new cars.

5.  These plans will not just affect residents but will also affect relatives, visitors, business's and family caring for elderly people who are not registered carers.

We are petitioning to halt these plans until the above issues have been satisfactorily resolved and to also ensure that more people are given a say before the scheme is implemented.


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