Close MUSD Schools Until Safe to Reopen

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The Manteca School Board reopened schools during the middle of the COVID crisis. A school board member said, “The CDC doesn’t have requirements. They have recommendations and guidelines. The CDC left it up to individual government agencies to set their own requirements.”

Why does MUSD think they can keep our kids safe in our schools? They’re not scientists. They’re not medical doctors. They’re educators, but they’re not acting very educated. This is reckless.

The school district has no plans to close schools unless they are forced to by the state. Unbelievable? It’s true.

It’s ironic the state is asking me not to see my family, no trick or treating, no Thanksgiving, but MUSD says it is safe for a child to sit in a room with sixteen other students.

MUSD doesn’t even follow their own safety protocols consistently like checking a child’s temperature, making sure the daily health screening was completed, or enforcing students to wear masks at all times.

We need to close our schools until they can be reopened safely!  Politics is all about letting politicians know how you feel. Let them know you feel by signing this petition and sharing it on your social media!  We can do this!