Stop the development of a "Convenience Restaurant" in Mansfield

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It's come to our attention that a planning permit has gone through to Mansfield Shire Council for the development of a "convenience restaurant." Occupying a large parcel of land at the entrance to the town of Mansfield, offering drive-thru and play area facilities, and with a seven-figure budget, it begs little question as to who is orchestrating this.

After a summer tainted by the threat of bushfire, small businesses in Mansfield are only now in the process of getting back on their feet. The last thing they need is the threat of a large chain fast food restaurant (or chain of any kind) looming over their heads. 

Mansfield is celebrated as a small town with a large offering of exceptional food, coffee, and hospitality. The local cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars have been built with love and labour by devoted people who adore this town, whether they've been here six months or six decades. Its charm is in its independence. We don't need this. We don't want this. We won't have this. 

We have until 7 February 2020 to lodge our objection, which leaves us very little time, so we need to act NOW. Please join us in protesting this development, and help us promote the livelihood and independence of our beloved Mansfield. The more numbers we have, the more vocal our objection will be. We've seen this happen in other small towns before. Please let's not have it happen here.