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Resignation of Mansfield R-IV Principal and Review of Bullying Policies

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As many in the town of Mansfield, Missouri are aware, a life was tragically lost to suicide after years of bullying and torment on June 9, 2017. 

I am calling for the resignation of Mansfield high school principal Mr. Richard Wylie due to negligence, as he was made aware of the bullying situation many times and adequate action was not taken. Jasmine "Nate" Riddle chose to end the torment that could have and should have been stopped a long time ago by commiting suicide. 

I am also calling for a review of the bullying policies in place by Mansfield R-IV School District, as adequate action was not taken in the past. Punishment needs to be stricter and the policies enforced. No more of the small-town clannishness; students need to be held accountable for their actions. 

I am calling for these changes not only to get justice for Nate, but to prevent this from happening again. Too often schools are not held accountable, and it is the one place where students should feel safe. They should not have to worry about their safety and well-being, as it should be the number one priority. As a taxpayer, Mansfield alum, and a friend of Nate, I can say that I am personally disappointed with the current policies in place, and that our school has failed. Please, sign this petition to at the very least make the school board aware that changes need to be made and that we as a community are concerned for our students.

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