''don't tax on my period''. make women hygiene affordable. approve of this before its late

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the central government has brought injustice to the women by applying a 12% GST on the sanitary napkins. ''sex is a choice, but periods are not'. when condoms are tax free why can't the napkins be? even now more than 80% of the rural Indian women can not afford proper menstrual hygiene. 12% tax on sanitary napkins but 0% on sindoor bangles and condoms, why ? 

GST council has only men on it and men don't bleed. so they have levied a luxury tax on sanitary napkins. that completely unfair to the women of India.

let us remind them that sanitary napkins are not luxury, it is the most basic requirement of every women. therefore they should be made tax free as well so that every women can afford it.