Safety Hazards at Manor Middle School Bus Stops

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      The Transportation Department & Assistant Superintendent at Manor Middle School has denied my request to have my daughter picked up out front of my home on Route 999. Instead they insist she walks down the highway and around the block to the bus stop closest to our home. This isn't a far walk, but for a young 12 year old girl it is extremely unsafe. When you start to factor in traffic, the possibility of someone trying to pick her up and take her, weather conditions, and the fact that there are no sidewalks available for her to walk on the entire length to the bus stop.. it becomes a matter of huge concern for her safety.

     When the transportation department was contacted, they suggested she "walk through neighbors yards" to get to the bus stop.. or "I drive her there." Maybe this is logical for a mother with one child to get to school in the morning, and the time to speak with about 5 different neighbors about this ; but that is not an option for me. When I spoke to the Assistant Superintendent about this matter she said i should "Drive her or she should walk as close to the yards as possible in the shoulder, and wear bright reflective colors." I am distraught at the careless options given in response to my concern. It seems they simply do not care about the safety of my child ; their new coming middle school student.

    I have run out of ideas of to whom i should speak with to help me resolve this issue, so that the bus will stop out front of my home which is less than a quarter of a mile detour from the original bus stop. That being said, I am reaching out to family and friends here on Facebook to voice their opinion by signing this petition. Your signature could mean the difference between my child's life, and the safety of others in the future as well as it seems the Transportation Department alone needs to improve their safety precautions being taken involving students and the bus stop. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all can help me get to the bottom of this issue.

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