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Respected Sir, 

38,006 Trees are going to be chopped for a High Court shifting project in Jammu Raika forest.

Raika Forest situated in Bahu Conservative Reserve has many endangered native wildlife like the endangered Green peafowl a shedule 1 fauna in the 1972 of wildlife Act and in appendix 1 of the Convention of international trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna. 

Leopards again an endangered shedule 1 fauna animal also makes its habitat in this very reserve. 

Porcupine, Wild boars, rabbits, Snakes, Bears, Chakor are also some of the endangered animals in this forest reserve. 

This area comes in the eco sensitive zone. 

Apart from having rich flora and fauna this forest also works as a mini weather manager for Jammu City. Chopping it down will not only degrade the already increasing Aqi of the Jammu but will also reduce the rainfall of this region and the  ground water level 

Jammu comes under the seismic zone of lV and V. This step of chopping 39000 trees can invite massive calamities. 

Already in 2014 Jammu and Kashmir suffered an unprecedental flood which shook the entire state and till date the local people have not come out of its horrific memories. 

Respected Sir, we don't want our UT to be like Delhi. We want our left biodiversity. This forest is our Jammu & Kashmir’s heritage and chopping it down will hurt our sentiments.

The older a forest the more carbon sequestering capacity it has. 

With increasing pollution and population we need our old forests today more than ever. 

New Plantations or saplings will take years to become trees.A recent a Supreme Court-appointed committee had submitted a report in this regard. According to the report submitted, a tree's monetary worth will be counted as - its age multiplied by Rs 74,500.

A bench headed by Chief Justice of India S A Bobde had set up a committee in which as per the report, a tree is worth Rs 74,500 a year

Out of this, the cost of oxygen alone is Rs 45,000.

Cost of biofertilisers are worth Rs 20,000  Adding costs of micronutrients and compost, living trees will outweigh the benefit of most of the projects they are felled for.

Please find an alternative land for this Shifting project. 

It will not only benefit the Jammu people but the biodiversity the local wetlands and protect us from further destruction of ecology.