No construction at the cost of 1300 trees, stop deforestation in Gurgaon

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Problem Statement

The state Public Works Department (PWD) has sought permission to fell 1,300 trees to construct an underpass and a flyover at Atul Kataria Chowk, Gurgaon. Out of which 700 trees to be cut from forest land and 600 from HUDA & Others. A senior forest official on condition of anonymity told Hindustan Times that nearly 25,000 trees have been felled in the past five years, but in official records the number is around 9,000 trees. Of these, about 14,500 trees have been felled in the past two years for the constructions of underpasses and flyovers.

There's no substantial focus on developing green belts. Already the air quality of Gurgaon is extremely poor, no measures are being taken to improve and this step will further deteriorate habitation.

Help needed

The need to build infrastructure is endless. Deforestation will continue to happen in the pretext of urbanization. Underpasses and flyovers at the cost of old & fully grown trees should be discouraged. While there are many ways/ rules of compensating the loss on paper ; e.g. plant 5 for every 1 tree. However so far enforcement has been very poor and small saplings will take decades to make up the loss. Current air quality is an indicator of deforestation and poor compensatory measures.

Authorities should plant at least 10,000 trees first, share the proof, maintenance plan with detailed map with Ministry of Environment and Forest. Also explore options of vertical foresting in Flyovers, Commercial, Residential & Govt buildings. Please sign the petition and request authorities to stop urbanization  at the cost of environment.