Build a woman friendly & a safer Gurugram!

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After innumerous number of rapes, eve teasing and other molestation incidents that brutalises the lives of women living in Gurugram & other parts of Haryana, I personally don't see any difference or development that has been brought around by the government officials to ensure that such incidences do not happen again. As an Indian, I feel ashamed when my people do not feel safe to walk out at night because they fear that they may not come back safe & sound or may be at all. Is it the world we wanted for ourselves and our beloved family. India has been rich in culture & we have always respected women. However, unfortunately we currently live in a dirty society where due to some uneducated and ill raised people, the women of India have to suffer and undergo agony & pain- mental, physical & societal. Can the Government of Haryana & the Government of India ensure that we have street lights across the roads irrespective of them being a highway, service lane or the roads inside the societies. Can the government make sure that at every kilometre we have patrolling to avoid any unfortunate events from happening. Most of the rape cases that we come across happens in area which is away from the hustle bustle of the city. Can we make sure that such areas specially are either gated or kept under vigilance at least at nights if not possible in the day light. Please Mr. Khattar, do not let any other woman or girl child go through hell of a situation just because you and your government do not bother to care. Please install street lights on every road way that exist in Gurugram & in all of Haryana. Get us women patrol cars in a stretch of  every 5 kms. Work on the great scheme launched by Atal Ji- School Chale Hum. Education is the easiest way to change the mindset of the people around. It can bring around revolution for the state. Make self defense a mandatory thing in schools be it private or public. Please do something for us. I lived in Delhi for the last 2 years and when the time came for me to shift to Gurugram, I along with all my family members were in terror. Please do not make us feel responsible for getting raped. Let's us live in a unterrorized society as free as a bird. As free as we deserve.