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Following the tragic death of a local resident, I figured it was time for change. The Thompson's Road shops, are a huge part of the Bulleen Community. We as a community need to come together to prevent this from happening again. I propose reducing the speed limit, surrounding the shops, to just 40KMPH, rather than 70KMPH. Much like you would see for a school zone, this would be a great way to alert drivers to slow down, and cause less stress to parents, who's children use this crossing on a daily basis. This crossing is used by locals of all ages, and after witnessing one too many close calls, a hit and run and now a horrible accident, something has to change. Once this petition, is complete I plan to send it to Manningham Council and VicRoads. The lives lost this year alone are higher than last year, according to the Victoria Police website. 2017- 38, 2018-42! Enough is enough!

Thank you to everyone for your comments + feedback. I am taking all of them into account, however right now my main priority is to get signatures, so that Vic Roads can see that something needs to be done with this crossing, whether it be, reducing the speed limit, installing flashing crossing lights and potentially extending crossing times.
Please feel free to share the petition, the more signatures we get the better!