Save Your Planet / Rettet unsere Zukunft!

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We destroy the future of our children. We destroy our planet. Stop this Madness. We have to do something NOW. 

We need emergency actions to save the earth. And everyone of us (me, you, politicans, economists) needs to change his/her own behavior to do so. We have no more time! Deep in your heart you know, that is true. (And there is still a probabillity of a future, where we get things right.)

Climate and co2 - stop everything that produces co2. The 1,5 degree border is a tipping point of no return. - we are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change - and the last generation who can do something about it - Obama. Start using public transport or bike, eat less meat, use green energy. 

Biodiversity - we loose species quicker than we even imagine. 1000x faster than normal. We need emergency actions to save them. Once lost they are lost forever. The biologic system can collapse. No biodiversity, no humans. Very simple. 

Plastic - stop the production. Our seas are full with 5 garbage patches, one bigger than France. Stop producing that stuff, that need hundreds of years to decay. Start using re-usable stuff (eg. no more plastic to go, avoid plastic at the supermarket)

Agriculture - stop mono cultures with pesticides and the destruction of Forrest’s. We need sustainable food. Start buying local bio food. 

Meat-production - 70% of the agriculture is needed to feed the animals we eat. Stop mass meat production. Eat as little meat as possible. Could you kill a cow? 

Consumtion - Stop useless consumption. Buy only stuff you really need. The world is drowning in garbage. Every good must be produced and it’s production affects the planet (climate, biodiversity, plastic,...) and is a part of its destruction. 

Re-Allocation of Money - We spent Billions to save the banking system. Now we have to re-allocate even more money to save the planet. It should be our top priority. What is more important? We don’t need more war-machines. 

Re-think our Economic systems - The destruction is linked to the economic growth. Unlimited growth (without considering the planetary boundaries) is unnatural, like a virus. You see the result. 

Share the message - try to get as many people to do something, Now. Only together we can change and save our future. 

Others - Don’t trust that others will save us. The won’t, they can’t. And you can’t bargain with nature. Challenge yourself, talk with your friends, and put pressure on your politicians to take action. We need to remind them what is REALLY important: Our future, our planet. Put pressure on them for a change.

We have to do the saving ourself.